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.13" x .30" x .41" x .50" 8275528-S BRUSH KIT " WEDGE" SHAPE BR687800

Price: $15.50
Item Number: BR687800
Manufacturer: Eurton Electric
Manufacturer Part No: BR687800
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Brushes, springs, nuts, insulators, as shown

Part # BR687800
.13" x .30" (wedge) x .41"(wide) x .5"(tall)  BRUSHES  "WEDGE" SHAPE
1/4-20 stud post

TORO,  KOHLER  8275528-S, 52-755-15, 48-755-15
K301-47722 K301-47783 K361-23116 M10-461526 M12-471537 M12-471584
K301-47723 K301-47784 K361-23119 M10-461529 M12-471538 M14-601502
K301-47724 K301-47789 K361-23121 M10-461531 M12-471541 M14-601503
K301-47727 K301-47795 K361-23123 M10-461532 M12-471545 M14-601505
K301-47731 K301-47796 K361-23124 M10-461533 M12-471546 M14-601512
K301-47732 K301-47801 K361-23125 M10-461534 M12-471547 M14-601513
K301-47739 K301-47803 K361-23126 M10-461536 M12-471548 M14-601515
K301-47740 K301-47805 K482-35129 M10-461540 M12-471549 M14-601519
K301-47742 K301-47807 K482-35139 M10-461543 M12-471555 M14-601524
K301-47743 K301-47812 K482-35142 M10-461550 M12-471556 M14-601525
K301-47746 K301-47814 K482-35144 M10-461551 M12-471557 M14-601526
K301-47748 K301-47818 K482-35145 M12-471502 M12-471559 M14-601528
K301-47752 K301-47820 K482-35147 M12-471503 M12-471560 M16-711502
K301-47755 K301-47824 K482-35153 M12-471505 M12-471561 M16-711503
K301-47758 K301-47825 K482-35157 M12-471512 M12-471564 M16-711505
K301-47760 K301-47826 K482-35159 M12-471514 M12-471566 M16-711510
K301-47763 K301-47827 K482-35162 M12-471515 M12-471568 M16-711512
K301-47764 K301-47828 K482-35164 M12-471519 M12-471569 M16-711513
K301-47766 K301-47829 K482-35166 M12-471527 M12-471571 M16-711514
K301-47770 K301-47832 M10-461513 M12-471528 M12-471574 M16-711518
K301-47771 K361-23100 M10-461520 M12-471529 M12-471576 M16-711519
K301-47774 K361-23104 M10-461521 M12-471530 M12-471578 M16-711521
K301-47775 K361-23107 M10-461522 M12-471532 M12-471580 M16-711523
K301-47776 K361-23108 M10-461524 M12-471534 M12-471581 M16-711524
K301-47778 K361-23110 M10-461525 M12-471536 M12-471582 M16-711525


9920 Painter Ave.
Santa Fe Springs  CA  90670

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